...and we're back.
by Rather Animated

Gosh has it really been 5 years? 

Welp, after much rigmarole, art block and mild existential crisis Albinoira is back to our weekly schedule!

Lack of updates...
by Rather Animated

 Alas we've been remiss in our weekly update. We're currently in the process of moving house and setting up a new studio. But by the time that great pagan gluttony festival we call Christmas rears it's head we should be back to our regularly scheduled program. 

Almost two years!
by Rather Animated

Bloody hell that went by quickly chaps and lady-gents.

As you can see we've finally gotten round to giving some of the art on the site a face lift.

Alas weekly updates have suffered of late due to the trials and tribulations of moving abode, but once we're all set up in our new home (which will be complete with a personal studio) production will get back into full swing.


First Chapter
by Rather Animated


Albinoria is a surreal, satirical and occasionally grim comedy about the friendship of two unlikely couplings and their adventures through life in and around a slightly decayed northern English city, a satrie on the eccentricities of this green and sometimes  unpleasant land. 

Edward is a man on the run, from his memories of war and from the reality of his privileged upbringing.   

Kate is a free spirit and aspiring artist, struggling to reconcile her dreams with the harsh reality of modern life as a working class woman. 

Mary is a scion of the Gothic subculture, trying keep alive a way of life that is crumbling to dust before her eyes.  

...and just for the heck of it... 

Arnold is a super spy and government assassin who struggles daily  to keep his job a secret from his friends.  

Through a series of convoluted tangential McGuffin's, Edward, Kate, Arnold and Mary find themselves living together in a decrepit flat in a semi abandoned Hotel. The haunting structure is owned by the enigmatic and malicious Herman Victor, a man who's motives are as dubious as his humanity.

12/12/12 seems like a rather unique and auspicious date to launch 'our baby'... Albinoria is a comic that we've been developing for over a decade now. So I think it's high time we unleashed it on the world.

So if all goes to plan... expect the first few pages tomorrow.